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Native Hawaiian Plants and Other Exotic Plants – On the Cliffs along the river are growing old Hapu Ferns (Hawaiian Tree fern), Hala Trees and Kukui nut.
– Hawaiian Medical Plants.
o Awa-Puhi-Kuahiwi
Medicinally, the ashes of the ‘awapuhi leaf are combined with bamboo and the juice of the kukui nut to treat cut and sores.
– Roseapple Trees, Tipica Coffee, Avocados, Mountain apple trees
– And native ‘Opuhi ginger, Taro and Elephant Ears.
– Philadendrons and Lilikoi Vines are climbing up the trees, which fruit in August and September.
– Naio Tree with its sweet smell, different Bananas, Ti Plants, Bamboos and Awa (kava kava).
Bamboo types:
o Dendrocalamus brandisii
o Lutedstriata
o Hedge Bamboo
Dendrocalamus brandisii Origin: India 30m x 20cm, – 4C The tallest bamboo in the world. Hugh delicious edible shoots, dark bronze and hair-covered with purple blades Extensivly used for house construction, furniture making and paper production It is becoming rare.
We have 8 BAMBOOS growing over the property, some of them 8 years old. They are beautiful dark green clumps, covered with a velvet bloom of pale hairs.