We are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture to ship flowers and foliage direct from our farm.


Kolealea is an Organic Farm with ongoing long-term large-scale Sustainability development; to become self-sufficient in the subsistence of our very lives. To feed ourselves, and to help feed our community – we are looking to produce food for hundreds of people. To return closer to a land-based lifestyle and remain connected with Nature, and to offer the experience and education of the same. We work to help continue the much-needed positive change in the Ecology of the World.

We have a Spirit approach to everything that we do. We are committed to harmonious and healthful farming and living. We are on a Mission…to bring more Humans and Nature back together and feel the Oneness with our planet Earth. We are working together with the Wonder of Nature, to bring us into Balance and Harmony with all living things. We are here to assist others to do the same.

These are our Goals:
– To become as agriculturally, organically, and ecologically stable and producing as we can: to become as fully sustainable as is practical and possible for the land we steward.

– To host, protect and nurture, native plants and usable plants that the land naturally provides.

– To produce food – fruit – for hundreds of people, aiding in the sustainability of this island.

– To protect and maintain the amazing amount of work done to date

– To become an educational sustainable farming property on Maui, and become of great value to our communities.

– To offer the education, training, and hands-on experience for complete sustainable living to our community, and throughout the World.

– To obtain funding and other assistance with the development of our farm and dwelling sustainability and education center to include contributions, grants, and subsidies – corporate, government, and private. We welcome and invite assistance and support from anyone, anywhere. We do it together.

You can help us with this cause. Please Donate.

We have teamed up with several soil and farming experts, as well as a Sustainable Subsistent Homestead expert, Art Cover, who has graciously accepted our invitation and request to help guide our next phase of development – a much more serious focus on the sustainability of this property. He has also agreed to become a member of our team of Educators. For more detail on our plans to continue the work, please see our “plans and goals”.

At the beginning of 2006, we had mostly a Roseapple forest, some bamboo, an orange tree, some bananas, and avocado trees. Now our botanical list counts over 50 varieties of edible plants. Some of them will fruit soon and others will take years before we see a crop. Please see details under ‘Our Crops’.
Click Here for a list of edible plants at our Agricultural Center!

Kolealea Farm can be found in a secluded setting in ‘Upcountry’ Maui, Hawaii, and offers both privacy and convenience for your learning experiences. At Kolealea we enjoy ideal temperatures (about 80 degrees F) year-round, and we are only minutes away from all you need: historic towns with restaurants and unique boutiques; world-class windsurfing, surfing, swimming, and walking beaches; and Haleakala Crater National Park. The airport and central shopping districts are 25 minutes away and the famous ‘road to Hana’ is at our back door.