Rain Catchment
Using rain gutter water of our buildings throughout our property to put to many uses such as to irrigate crops, for washing, etc. is in the works. Our commercial crops of flowers and foliage will benefit greatly from this practice and result in less reliance on the public water system coming through the pipes. This rainwater will be “healthier” as well, more sound energetically, as water coming through straight pipes, without the ability to have natural vortexes during its travel, has lost much of its oxygen, much of its vitality.

We understand that to water our edible crops, the water must be of a quality suitable for this purpose – it will go into our body, so it must have a degree of cleanliness.

At some point we would like to use much larger containers, or even cistern tanks, to collect clean rainwater to help sustain our edibles during episodes of drought conditions.

 Gravity Irrigation

The entire property here is lined by hillside. We intend to use that to our benefit. After installing a water delivery system, it will allow the physics of gravity to deliver water effortlessly through these water lines to designated plants. Once we have rain water catchment in place towards the top of the hillside, watering will be simple, and a gift of Nature.

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