We are currently researching erosion control techniques for our property. There are hillsides and riverbanks to amend and protect.

There is a ground cover, Rodalia, on the hillsides which is effective for erosion control, but it is quite invasive and spreads rapidly. Prior to removing portions of it a plan has to be in place for its replacement. This is the case with our first terracing project for growing vegetables. The ground cover will be replaced by weed mat and raised beds, 18 inches of soil that the vegetables will grow in. Terracing in itself will greatly reduce the erosion, allowing water to settle instead of having a continuous flow downward, while the placement of rock on the banks of these terraces and around the perimeter of the raised beds will add structure and support to the hillside.

In other areas where a ground cover can be allowed or is desired, we are looking for edible replacements. One idea is the kabocha pumpkin, a Japanese pumpkin, small with edible leaves. There are other ground covers with edible leaves – we will research and try various ideas.

In other areas we have simply matted using weed mat. This has had some effect in keeping unwanted weeds down and keeps the soil in place as well.



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