Sustainability is an all-encompassing concept and mission for us: It’s about the food, it’s about the Land, the Earth, and it’s about our Spirit. One out of balance affects them all, so we walk the path of Balance and Harmony with all living things, of which the Earth is a big part. 

Regarding sustainability of the land we steward here, we have teamed up with a Sustainable Subsistent Homestead expert, Art Cover, who has graciously accepted our invitation and request to guide our next phase of development – a much more serious focus on the sustainability of this property. He has also become a member of our team of Educators. Click Here for Art’s website and to download his book “Adaptive Ecology” The book Adaptive Ecology expresses the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kolealea, but we do believe there is significantly valuable information within.
For more detail on our plans continuing the work, please see our “plans and goals”.

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