Fruiting and Flowering Times – Roseapples from July-September.
– most Heliconias in June, July and August.
– Ginger Flowers in June, July, August, September.
– Guavas Yellow and strawberry in July, August, September.
– Monstera in August, September.
– Bananas all year.
– Roseapples in August, September.
– Kukui Nut first droppings in September.
– Avocados September, October, November.
– Chayote Squash all year.
– Lilikoi (Passionfruit) September, October, November.
– Sugar Cane takes 2 years to mature.
– Bamboo Shoots come up in July and August.
– Coffee berries start to ripen in September, October, November and December.
– Crown flower all Summer.
– Plumerias scented Lei flower, start in June – October.
– Awa ( Kava kava) all year.
– Taro leaves all year.
– Orange and Lemon are in season from December- April.
Herb garden open all year.
Mushroom field pickings 1-2 a week.

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