From a very basic entry-level shelter, to the foundation-setting placement of trees and shrubs for a weather shelter belt for other plant-food sources and for living space, there are many suggestions and templates available here for the whole of this approach to land-based living we call Homesteading. The process can start years in advance with the study of trees, edible and buildable materials that will grow in the area you are choosing to set up a home in. Trees can even be planted in the ground elsewhere or in pots with the anticipation of transplanting once land is acquired, then transplanted to their more permanent location to begin a growing community of shelter and long-term food and building resources.

A mid level of food can be planted, shorter-term growth, small orchards that produce quicker, and the kitchen garden with faster food sources including vegetables then planted once there is shelter to protect it from the natural elements – wind, rain, sun, animals. 

Here is where we combine other areas of information-sharing into one package to prepare and provide yourself with a sustainable living arrangment in greater balance and harmony with Nature. Renewable energies, water catchment, composting toilets using little to no water or sewage flow are a part of this orchestration.

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