We are an Organic Farm. We use wholesome, natural, vital nutrients and healthful practices on our plants.  We never use insecticides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers. We compost, mulch, use worm-farm castings & tea from our worm family, and other organic processes.

This property has never been a commercial farm. Prior to us arriving here, it has never been an established farm at all! The leaves and branches from these plants that are returned to the cycle as mulch or compost have continued the organic flow. The vegetation and land it grows on has fed itself through the most natural process of all – it’s own vegetation decomposing on itself – self-feeding!   All natural, all organic.  We have had a totally organic “product” to start with.

Starting with the soil, it is the first level of life to address. Its vitality is the foundation to set for the important work to be done within and above it. Its health will produce a quality of food good for our bodies, and conversely, the quality of the food will match the quality and vitality of the soil. The quality should support the multitude of processes in our bodies including our brain function. Eat good dirt – well that’s a fun story about strengthening the immune system 🙂 – you will enjoy your food exponentially more than you did before your soil, or your farmer’s soil, mattered to you.

We practice and use many organic methods on our farm, our educators teach even more so that you can choose what will work for you and your environment. Our current approaches include composting, mulching, worm farming, and companion planting to aid in water retention, soil errosion, pest and disease control, optimizing space, and improving flavor. When possible, we use water with greater vitality. Plumbed water, without its vortexing events as happen in nature, has often lost its oxygenated properties. We are about to begin using some biochar and microorganisms to vitalize the soil even more and to make that vitality more accessible to the plants.

When our plants become challenged and can use some assistance, we offer it in the ways of boosting their own immune system so that their own increased fortitude can provide an on-going effect of prevention for the unwanted effects of poor living. Perhaps a close comparison to how we might approach the care of our own bodies. Instead of defaulting to a nearby source of symptom-control “medicines”, we can strengthen our Selves with healthful practices for the same continuity of quality life…from within.

Combining typical methods of organic growing with higher-tech methods that mimick natural processes, we throw in some indigenous knowledge and Spirit that comes through different avenues to us.  This, truly, is at the foundation of not only farming, but of everything we do in life. It is our own energy that has the greatest effect generally on the outcome of our lives. Our energy can change the molecular structure of things, as well as someone’s life, at times even with just a simple smile.  This energy goes into the soil, and affects a plant’s life – we talk to our plants, and at times even sing to them.  Well, at least some of us do…



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