We have slowly been exchanging some of the forest with edible plants and flower crops. Amongst the plants are Mango, Papaya, Banana, Inga, Mulberry, Sugar Apple, Mountain Apple, Jaboticaba, and Loquat trees. And we have found, and now nurture, native Awa-Puhi Kuahiwi, “Shampoo Ginger”. Big patches which is a sign of early habitation of the land. In old Hawaii the flowers were used for hair and body wash, and to quench the thirst. We now enjoy using them in our outdoor shower! And we just recently found a native orchid – very exciting! Of course, many fruit and flower trees have also surfaced and are now producing useable quantities for us.

Now our botanical list counts over 50 edible Fruiting Plants. Some of them will fruit soon and others will take up to 7 years before we see a crop.

For a list of the edible plants on our Agricultural Center, Please Click here.
Please also see details in “Our Crops”!


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