Our Work Exchange program is perfect for those who want to learn and grow in the environment that Kolealea provides. In exchange Kolealea grows also and is improved by the work of your efforts, in allowing others to share in all that Kolealea provides.
For our Work Exchange programs, the following documents are available:

Work Exchange Program


Resident Guidelines and agreement

Work Guidelines

Communal Kitchen Guidelines

Kolealea is an Organic Farm with on-going Sustainability development; to become self-sufficient in the subsistence of our very lives. To feed ourselves, and to help feed our community. To return to a land-based lifestyle and remain connected with Nature, and to teach and assist others to do the same. We work to help continue the much needed positive change of the Ecology of the World.

We have a spiritual approach to everything that we do. We are committed to harmonious and peaceful farming, living. We are on a mission…to bring Humans and Nature back together and feel the Oneness with our plant Earth. We work with the land – the plants, animals, and all of Nature’s spirits. We are working together with the Wonder of Nature, working to bring us into Balance and Harmony with all living things. We are here to assist others to do the same.

You can help us in providing these programs.  Please Donate. 

We have now teamed up with a Sustainable Subsistent Homestead expert, Art Cover, who has graciously accepted our invitation and request (we suppose it was more like begging…) to guide our next phase of development – a much more serious focus on the sustainability of this property. He has also agreed to become a member of the team of Educators we are working to put together. Click Here for Art’s website and to download his book “Adaptive Ecology” The book Adaptive Ecology, expresses the opinions of the author and do not necessarily relect the opinions of Kolealea, but we do believe there is significantly valuable information on sustainability within.
For more detail on our plans continuing the work, please see our “plans and goals”.

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