Menu of Workshops

All of our workshops begin with a 1 week term and can go on for months, depending on the depth and amount of information and experience you are seeking.

Agricultural: Organic, Sustainable Growing

We study, we work. Nature is our outdoor classroom. We offer education and experience in sustainable gardening and farming.

Sustainable Living

Taking sustainable growing a step further, we offer the education of sustainable living in the areas of land-based living, renewable energies, water catchment, economy.

Sustainable Conversion Experiment

Here we offer involvement, at an educational level, of the projects involving the conversion of our dwellings to more sustainable use of resources and a healthier way of living on the land. This would include solar, wind, etc. power conversions, rain catchment for some water-use replacement from typical city plumbing to ease the load on water coming from aquifers, water travelling distances through plumbing costly to maintain, or other costly or fairly unsustainable sources, and added building structures using renewable wood resources such as bamboo.  Converting to composting toilets, with or without the use of water, a key component to living more gently on land – eases up use, with some models, of public incoming water sources, and the typical costly processing of waste. Other areas of focus such as light and the possibility of the addition of windows, or converting to screening, to allow more natural light inside! 

Indigenous Conference  

We are hosting Indigenous Conferences for teachers and ambassadors of tribes, clans, and groups from around the world! The Spirit which each will bring will enhance your life.

Hawaiian Traditions

Elders sharing Hawaiian wisdom. We connect with the Land, Waters, and Spirit of Hawaii  through Ceremony, excursions in Nature, music, hula, luau.

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