We are slowly exchanging some of the 5 acres of Roseapple forest (invasive species), with Mango, Papaya, Banana, Inga, Mulberry, Sugar apple, Mountain apple, Jaboticaba, and Loquat Trees. Since then we have found, and now nurture, native Awa-Puhi-Kuahiwi, Shampoo Ginger, which is growing along the river and flood plains. It grows in big patches, which is a sign of early habitation of the land. In the old Hawaii, Awa-Puhi-Kuahiwis’ flowers were used for hair and body wash, and to quench the thirst. The large knobby, aromatic underground stems were also used to scent Tapa cloth and for medical purposes.

Working with the Hawaiian native Plant Society, and others schooled either by formal education or by Nature in Hawaiian native plants, will ensure that we will be as successful as we can be in preserving and restoring to the land that which it originally had prior to the arrival of invasive species.

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