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2- The Team

Earth Sustainability Meetings

We wish to be holding regular meetings, seminars, in an arena of a forum of open discussion about the state of the planet, and what we are going to do about it. One focus is learning about the need for, and moving towards land-based living, where Nature is taken into great and due consideration. A resource for this study is Art Cover’s book, Adaptive Ecology, which includes historical content about the ramifications¬†of industrialization. Another focus is on sustaining our own inner-self, our Spirit, from which a necessary positive energy springs forth to sustain our decisions and actions, and another, positive communication to help sustain our relationships so that we can build healthy and lasting sustainable communities.

These meetings will be made available for attendance and interaction by those in remote locations through internet conferencing technologies. We highly encourage others to begin their own meetings to discuss key issues in the healing of the planet and of returning to a lifestyle that works in concert with Nature.