50 - Kids Clay
51- Kids Lizard

What would they do without me

52 - What would they do without me

We made that fire!

53 -We made that fire!

Stoking the fire.

54 - Stoking the fire

Maybe I can build a fort up here.

55 - Maybe I can build a fort up here

Making my hot chocolate recipe.

56 - Making my hot chocolate recipe


57 - Jungle!

I did this with an ax!

58 - I did this with an ax!


60 -


61 -

Older Kids (9-13)

Workshops developed By Kids For Kids, to guarantee that all kids have Funn since kids know what kids like!

We have two kids at the farm, one 11 and one 7, that have lots of fun and want to share that fun!  We do activities such as: hikes, catching crawdads, powerfeeding crawdads that we have in a pond, spear throwing, making fires, collecting eggs from chickens, macheteing, catching wild chickens and other Funn outdoor activities.  All of those ideas are made by kids and all of those activities are led by kids. And all of this was typed by a kid. 🙂

Wo go hiking in the riverbed, through the forest, and in season we pick coffee cherries and fruit to eat. In each workshop we will build a small shelter, plant your own fruit tree, make fires, and other fun activities made specially for kids.