Internship/Apprenticeship Program

The Internship or Apprenticeship Program costs $60 per day in exchange for a bed, sometimes in a private little room, sometimes in a shared room as in dormitory setting, sometimes with some time in a tent when necessary or desired! Covered also are your utilities and wireless internet for use on your own computer.

You work 18 hours per week getting guided hands-on experience, 22 to include some food – fruit, vegetables, rice and beans, and sometimes quinoa. Inventory is maintained on items that we consider basic for cooking: oil, salt, pepper, onions, garlic, and sometimes ginger. Additional produce from the land can be purchased, work exchange sometimes accepted for this.

There is “classroom” time which is sometimes done outside – typically 4 hours per week plus reading. The work focuses on sustainable farming and some vegetable gardening, and sustainable living including the use of renewable resources.

Land development is on-going and so the sustainable knowledge and experience acquired is from the ground up. Interns work with our farmers and other educators on the land, in group and individual settings. There will be a study of Adaptive Ecology – land based living. In all, we will focus on ways that are necessary to heal the Earth and nurture the land as we take from it, and on the training, discussion and preparation of detailed work and skills. Other aspects of sustainable living are also available in the areas of water catchment, solar energy, the construction/assembly of basic composting toilets, the construction of land-based living dwellings. Introduction to entry-level homesteading is a focus for pulling these sustainable living features all together.

There is a Communal Kitchen, a screened in porch area, that is furnished and equipped for cooking and eating, and there is a Community Lounge that is a large 10×20 canopy in an outdoor setting, with TV for DVDs/videos. It is in a Nature-oriented setting, with one screened end facing the river bed.

There is transportation support for emergencies, and for group trips to go shopping. We have a fire pit for group use once in a while. Food can be cooked at the fire pit on these days.  🙂 

There is limited space and sometimes a waiting list. We have an application for you to complete and submit along with references, and a photo of yourself.

We welcome people with the Spirit of spending more time connected with the land, with the Earth, to respect and honor all living things. People looking for a team setting (we’re all in this together!) with good communication skills, dedication, responsibility, integrity, and compassion.



We believe in community living, where we support each other joyfully and lovingly. We respect each other’s space so we can maintain the highest standard for everyone. We wish to share this beautiful and powerful place with you, and by contributing to our family living with responsible and helpful ways, you honor us, yourself, and all the energies of Life.


We look forward to working with you, and sharing living space, to get to know each other and our plans for changing the world!


The Kolealea Management

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