If you are considering joining us on our developing farm and center we would like you to submit this application with a picture and personal data. The more you can tell us about yourself and who you are, and your ideas about what you want from this experience, allows us to figure out how to help make it a positive journey for everyone!

Is this for Internship/Apprenticeship or Work Exchange Program? __________________

Name:______________________________________________Birth date:____________



Phone#__________________________ Cell Phone______________________________


WWOOFer ID# (if you have one)________________________

Person to contact in case of an emergency:_____________________________________

Phone #________________Address:__________________________________________


Health Insurance: Yes/No    Health Insurance Provider & #________________________

Are you familiar with living in the tropics?      Bugs?       Weather?

Do you have any significant food allergies?

Do you smoke? 

Do you plan to rent/buy a car while here?

Do you have any farm experience? Describe it.

What do you hope to learn while at the farm? What would you like to experience as student of Kolealea Agricultural Center?

What would you like to contribute?

What brings you the most joy in life and what is your passion?

What would you like to learn about organic sustainable farming and sustainable living?

Do you speak fluent English?

When are you thinking to come?

How long are you considering staying?

Our Land development work requires a strong and flexible body. Do you have any physical limitations or medical concerns that might limit your ability to work strenuously, or that might require adaptation of your work tasks? If yes, please explain.

What other skills do you have that you might offer to us?

Anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?











Please e-mail or fax this completed application to us, along with a photo of yourself. Your application will be considered when all items are received. Mahalo!

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