Communal Kitchen Guidelines



6:30 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Please be mindful at all times that Ohana House residents might be resting, meditating, or sleeping, so working quietly in the morning and night time when this is a possibility would be appreciated.


Label ½ shelf for each person and bin if needed, or whatever space is appropriate.

Maintain fresh food, clearing out the old

Keep clean

Sink use

This water goes down into a drainage hole underneath the house, not into the pipes. So PLEASE:

Conserve use of water

Dishwater only

No grease, oils, foods – all these to go in the trash or compost.

General Cleaning

Throw out trash regularly

Keep counters clear and clean at all times – critters are so quick to invite themselves in.

Keep floor clear and clean

Keep stove clear and clean

Wash dishes right after eating, put away timely right after drying

The food provided is typically apportioned for each person. When there are bags of dry goods provided, you will be entitled to one of each, being welcomed, of course, to use any system of sharing that might work for all involved.

Each person’s food that is designated as such will be respected as their own. Please do not borrow or take unless an arrangement has been made to do so.

Thank you for your participation in working together!

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